About Us

With an expertise of more than 20 solid years in the nightwear industry, Happy People is a leading Italian brand proudly distributed across 2000+ outlets in Europe. Designed by one of the top designers in Milan, Italy- Ms Adriana Mazzuchelli, the products of our company are thoughtfully and creatively crafted to magically blend the essence of style, comfort and quality for the little ones bringing happiness into this world. 

The manufacturing of products takes place >4000 miles away in India, in the serene rural areas of the state of Tamil Nadu. The company, conscious of promoting and leading the empowerment of women and the society at large, directly employs and engages with >1000 rural people, mostly women to manufacture its products. 

Starting the year 2020, Happy People is entering into the dynamic Indian nightwear industry to bring its niche of providing a diverse range of affordable, sustainable baby products, each crowned with premium quality material and loving designs to ensure the comfort and the attention that every baby deserves.  

Our company is not just keen on making baby products but it's keen on "saving time" for parents so that they can luxuriously spend precious moments with their babies. Each product is crafted with the utmost care, considering the intricacies impacting babies and parents alike. 

Each product is beautifully and colourfully designed, often featuring an adorable message and always using a premium soft fabric to accommodate the highest quality at an affordable cost. Being environmentally friendly, our products are tested against nearly 7 quality checks to ease the concerns of parents about its safety for their babies. Moreover, designed neutrally, it can be worn by baby boys and baby girls alike. 

Happy People aims to build trust, simplify the lives of parents, and to spread love to babies across, through its products. Let's spread love; let's build lifelong memories!